Creating Lifetime Learners

Book of the Month Club

Earn FREE books with the Book of the Month Club

An excellent way to promote a love of books with your children. Imagine their faces when the kid a package at their door with books just for them. They won’t be able to wait to read them. You’ll send a message to your children that reading is important and special.

Make a list of all the books you would like to receive over the next year (as few or as many as you want per month). Shipping and handling is only $3.00 per month, until you spend $63, then it’s only 8% of the purchase price. The books will come by UPS to your door. We will charge your credit card only once per month. You may cancel at any time. (To see the books, click here)

To order email

Please include your name, address, phone number and what book(s) you would like for each month of the year. I will then contact you by phone regarding payment.

**Special Offer**

Order before October 31 and receive a free Christmas Treasury


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